Dear Friend, 

While Gretta Garments officially launched in June of 2019, it has been in the works for many years. Being a fashion designer was a childhood dream. When my grandmother, Jay, a spunky lady with funky style, left me a collection of beautiful vintage fabrics, I saw the chance to make dreams come true. These unique fabrics speak for themselves. Designing styles that give them new life is a privilege. I see the incredible women that have influenced me in every piece. I design for them. 

I create versatile and timeless pieces that prioritize quality, fit, and comfort. Gretta Garments are handmade and sustainable. Every look is easy to wear and easy to style. It is for the Gretta Woman. One who has her cake, and eats it too. Literally. She is the one that works hard, loves life, and spreads joy.  The Gretta Woman looks great because she feels great. She is #feelinggretta

I hope you enjoy!


Grace Chetta ('Gretta' to friends like you)